My Art work

I‘ve always been attracted to the extreme, do not “love” but “love” things “immense” and not just “big.”
At first I drew a lot of characters extremely skinny then they began to enlarge unlike me. Most of them are huge and that like them I see my own body.
I am influenced by artists such as: Voutch, Francis Bacon, Mark Ryden, Valerio Adami, Lucian Freud, Jean Rustin, Ray Caesar or Leigh Bowery

Working in the studio

Questionning people, making them think over or being only decorative, that’s the aim or Art.
As for me, I would like to make people smile with my paintings, I’d like to make people happy with the different subjects I paint and the colors I use.
Some of these people will recognize something they already lived, some others dreams’ recollection.
But how many of them will notice that the characters are not that happy, that they live in their body like they would in jail ? Despite the colorful scenes, they are suffering, they are in pain.
In fact, looking at the same thing, people don’t see the same, don’t feel the same. This is fascinating.

The absence of head

It is certainly not physically represented but it forms in your mind, so it’s up to him to invent what he wants you to see: A source close, a person smiling, sad, blonde or brunette …
This gives a kind of interactivity from the image, then look good and you will see.
Deepening a little question, I think we can feel an expression by the body. It is, nevertheless, the 3/4 of our being, yet most of the time, we summarize the other as they please.
I tend to draw many women in my images as they are, first, visually interesting and, secondly, their world attracts me and I feel more close to them.
I would like, through my work, show that the folds and curves can be beautiful and pleasing. But if you look in more detail, big or thin characters of my paintings are never really completely.

Working in the studio