Book Cover Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)

Corps et Âmes

(Body and Soul)
I respond to texts
my great friend, Aude Réant by
images on the theme of body and soul

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Book cover of the small pleasures and small hassles

Le Cahier que quand j’ai des Petits Plaisirs
et des Petits Tracas je les écris dedans

(Notebook when I have Simple Pleasures
and Small Hassle I write in)

I have listed 125 small hassle and more
200 small pleasures of everyday life.
Illustrated with 35 tables and 130 photos.

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Book cover Clouds and Fantasies

Nuages et Fantaisies

(Clouds and Fantasies)
Retrospective portfolio containing my works
realized in recent years
More than 40 works
and some sketches.

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