The beginning

The artist at the age of 3 yearsI was born in April 1975 in Meaux (France). I’m going to live Toulons (France) from the age of 3 years with my family. In 1978 I met my nurse, « Tata Joe » (Aunt Joe). I like the nickname. Her apartment is at the origin of what would become my passion: The kitch.
One morning in 1979 my mother discovered, opening the door my bedroom, floors, walls and furniture covered with blue felt.
To this day, its complementary the orange holds a special place in most of my paintings.

My education

I go back to the capital in 1986.
In September 1987 I entered the college and high school « Françoise Cabrini » in Noisy le Grand (France). I’ll make the meeting of friends who follow me to this day. At the same time I sign in 1990 during the evening the IPMD.
In 1991, two days after the anniversary of my 16th birthday I get hired in a Mac Donald. The adventure will last 4 years.
In November of that year I learned that my French teacher, the one for which I had pushed my education through high school, get sick and not coming back no longer. Seeing no reason to continue my studies I put an end to my classical curriculum I register for the following year in graphics section of the Professional Institute trades decoration style.
The school closed its doors one year after my course of 3 years …

One evening in May 1992 my illustration courses is different, it will be decisive for the rest of my artistic career: I decided that night, after presenting an unfinished picture on the theme of the accident, not to represent the head of my characters.
I studied for 3 years at this school and going to live three years of artistic decadence being surrounded excellent students and friends which indirectly will push me to give my best. My teachers are divided. On one side those who pushed me to develop my artistic vision and others who do not believe and do everything to give me a guideline on more “conventional”.

Working in the studio

My body

In June 1993 I will have surgery for a dental problem is with your mouth closed and time to recovery. Then I lose 40 pounds in just 2 months. The needle of the balance was down from 110 to 70. It was after this event I do, distortions and all the deformities of the body, an obsession.
Deviations, distortions or anomalies disproportions are much interested and touched me. The anguish of living in a shell chair that is not mine me still going.
My art will serve me for the most part to exorcise this evil being.

That same year I fell severing a tendon in his left hand I lose the rest of my life 50% sensitivity of two fingers of his left hand. 6 months later I am the victim of an accident scooter, a car hit me hard.
I lose a part of the sensitivity of my knees. Following this accident my characters will adopt the same as mine knock knees.

My exhibitions

Exposition dans une galerie de peinture contemporaine
After leaving school in 1995 I will work for magazines such as «Parent magazine», «Psychology» ou «Management» .… I work under a different name, unable to impose my characters “decapitated”. The press is there to sell and take little risk. This work performance do not like it is in large part why I decided to express my art in another way.

So in 2000 I will do my first exhibition at the Fnac. It is well received by the public which will encourage me to continue in this direction.
On 2003 I separate myself from the man who shared six years of my life, I change Workshop in 2002″ image=”53″]apartment[/lien] and install my workshop in the northern suburbs of Paris (France)
This is the date of my move on 2003, 03, 03 I started my journal in images by taking a picture every day of what is happening in my life..
The exhibits are linked to me fly to recognize my vision of art. Even if is is really not easy I do not regret the choice made ​​that famous night in the course of 10 years earlier illustration.
At the beginning I worked with galleries such as ” The Look ” , ” La Hune Brenner ,” ” The Art of Nothing “, the ” Hype ” gallery Palais de Tokyo.
My first exhibition outside France was in Madrid to ” Espora ” gallery.
Since my work is exported to Venice , Rome , Brussels, London , Miami , Seattle, Miami, New York , Florida , Canada , Taiwan and Japan.
One of my proudest achievements is to have obtained in 2012 the first prize of the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

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My Books

Parution Corps et ÂmesIn 2006 I collaborate with my friend always Aude Réant publishing my first book: « Corps et Âmes » (Body and Soul)
We meet the words and images to dive deeper into the magic and the effects provided by the union of these two expressions. We discuss in this book scenes of daily life through minute details, the colors of our children and small pleasures familiar.
I have a real passion for everything “ugly “, what is commonly called the kitch, all these things that some love and many others hate it. The fact that our eyes do not all have the same vision of the world fascinates me, this theme reaches quite the obsession I have for bodies.
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Parution Le cahier que quand j’ai des petits plaisirs et des petits tracas je les écris dedansI do everyday, the foibles and habits of people and sometimes the absurdity of certain situations my main source of inspiration. So naturally I go out in 2007 editions Psshit my second book entitled: « Le cahier que quand j’ai des petits plaisirs et des petits tracas je les écris dedans » (The book that when I have simple pleasures and little problems I write in)
This book is very much in line with my work. I present some 40 paintings on the theme of tiny pleasures and worries that punctuate our lives every day. It is also an opportunity to present the first part of my Pictures of the day.
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Couverture du livre Nuages et FantaisiesIn 2018, I gather more than 40 works in a retrospective portfolio of my work done in recent years as well as some sketches
This portfolio has for title: «Clouds and Fantasies»
This book is a hundred pages with some texts
It is self-publishing so for any order, please contact me on this page: Contact Form
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