Cover of the book Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)

Corps et Âmes

(Body and Soul)
• Format: 20 x 21 cm
• Publication: 2006
• Number of pages: 30
• Price: 10 €
• Publishing: Psshit

I respond to texts
my great friend, Aude Réant by
images on the theme of body and soul

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The idea of ​​the book

The painter, invited the author in a conversation where artistic blend colors and words, where they intersect and imagine each other.
Their differences arose “Body and Soul”, a generous creation, earthy and poetic.

Introductory text Aude

It is the body, it is the soul. It is earthy and lonely, talkative, coherent, pragmatic, rowdy, uncontrollable and chubby. She is confused, thoughtful, lively, spontaneous, full of resolutions, reasons and feelings. Inseparable enemies, they reflect one another in their perfections and imperfections.
They are stories thrusted out of the back, next to the skin. With darts stuck in the memory, carelessly, without leather gloves to wear blush life irons.

They are the best and worst pegged to each other, heaven and hell, where the armistice does not exist, but where each turn as it seems, a heavenly rule, they are under the executioner and victim ‘thick coat of appearances and colors.

Aude Réant (Texts) – extracted Presentation Book

Born in 1974 from the Basilica of St Denis and the highway is at his grandmothers Aude acquires its strong vocabulary and outside time. Cradled between the city and the countryside, it is a simple turbulent and cheerful child. Aude dream of being a superhero or a veterinary technician, but it is at a school punishment she finds her way and the magic of words.
With them, and that is where she wants, she travels to infinity and discovers in them a means of expression with unparalleled powers.
Author of plays like “The Audition”, “My ivy, the other eye,” or “paranoia”
it also makes some freelancing for various newspapers on the Web. With Jeremiah Baldocchi it in
“Body and Soul” the world she expected: one that mixes laughter and tears, the children and adults in the same bubble of emotions.

Jeremie Baldocchi (Images) – extracted Presentation Book

Once upon a time a little boy who did not like school because he thought there was wasting his time. Still scribbling, rather he believed that life taught through colors and looks. Also, it was decided, would be great if he would become a painter!

The years passed and bringing his savings, he knocked at the door of a high school, where they promised him to learn the “art”! 3 years later and some extravagances, which serves some magazines like Management, Parents Magazine and Psychology he put his imagination to work.
In 1999, when a new century is about to be born, he exhibited for the first time the eyes of others dreams and stories to the “Fnac des Halles.”
Happy to finally share what it has always fascinated, he takes his paintings in galleries as the “Look” or “Hune Brenner” Hungry, hungry, eager to offer all he eats everyday scenes through minute details, bedecked shades of our childhood and small familiar pleasures.

It offers us in this first book to bring together words and images to delve a little deeper into the magic and effects provides valuable union of these two expressions. Because it is safe, it is mixing tirelessly people, things, genres and feelings that wonderful springs.

Different views of the book

Book page Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)Book page Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)Book page Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)

Some inside pages of the book

Book page Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)
Book page Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)
Book page Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)

Book for sale

Book for sale Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)
Book for sale Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)
Book for sale Corps et Âmes (Body and Soul)


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