Interviewed in February 2012 by Brigitte Camus for his book on the subject of support for artists.

Book artist Brigitte Camus Réussir sa vie d'artiste (Successful Life Artist)Jeremie Baldocchi left school second, is in an art school in Paris. It follows a course of three years of study. He is satisfied with the education they receive, especially with a teacher, Francois Deshaies. It tells a story that will be a key trigger for the rest of his artistic development. The teacher had suggested the theme of the accident. Jeremie Baldocchi interpreter drawing a pregnant woman and a man who shrugs face this “accident”. Only problem, it is out of inspiration to turn heads. It blocks and eventually offer its subject with the characters without heads!
Reaction professor “there is no need to head, it works just fine”. The young artist put in trust with the first illustration, will not ever head to his characters. Formatted for making illustration for magazines, he engages in this way, but the characters headless rout. So he decides to confront the public in 1999 and exhibited at FNAC Forum des Halles. “I was afraid of the public reaction to my characters without head but it was a success, I got good reviews and sales summers appointment” For 12 years he has exhibited at FNAC Forum des Halles as well as in galleries, which Hune Brenner, at the Palais de Tokyo in a collective exhibition, gallery Art of Nothing. In 2009, he exhibited at the gallery Espora Spain: he was contacted through Myspace, a social network where it is discovered by the singer Elsa prompt on France 2, where he presents his works. For several years he exhibited abroad: it does not sell every time but is a network that allows him to bounce back.

1- Do you live your art?

I do not live to 100 100 to my artistic creation. Besides, I am a graphic designer, I make websites, posters, flyers. This organization allows me to manage my time working putting aside my work as a graphic designer when I have large exposures. So I have two professions, but as I worked in business for fifteen years, I know how to organize myself. I work hard because I am very motivated this does not prevent me to impose myself some discipline, such as to waking up in the morning at 6 o’clock in the evening and going to bed late. My artistic work comes first, my friends and family go after . They know that. My choice is clear: between one meal and the purchase of art materials, the artistic material premium.
Success is 1 % talent and 99% work. 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night is enough for me, it’s a chance .

2- What are the keys to success?

The work first. You have to be constantly alert. Internet is one of the key: we must constantly check how it is referenced, how his work is perceived . Then you have to look for tips for sending files, respond to tenders. Once a week I prepare the files that I need to send. I enrich my website, I signed up for other sites. It should work on everything around her practice. We spend a lot of time with the administration, management and communication is essential because nobody picks you up as you have not made ​​a decisive meeting. We must also find a group of artists that suits you. And accept all juggle as someone does not take care of you.

3- What advice do you give to artists, for example, with galleries?

At first when I started, I sent hundreds of unresolved cases. Galleries we love to discover, not to be disturbed. I did not answer. So, I turned to the tenders, awards and competitions. Do not hesitate to go to the sites in English , there is necessarily tenders which you agree.

4- What are the rules of a well-made site?

Having a website is a business card needed but we need those who visit have the feeling of coming into a world as if he was entering an apartment, it is the designer who’s talking! Must feel the mood and style of the artist in each tab and it is simple and easy. Do not put too many pictures. 3 works enough to discover the world of an artist. It should highlight what is the latest on the first page. News tab should be updated and alive. It’s also good to show some works from previous years to help understand the evolution of the artist. We need to change the menus and images regularly. I also have a blog because they are often better than the referenced sites. We must also know how to create an element of surprise with this event by publishing events both on its website, social networks and blog, and sending a newsletter…. But be careful not to fall into the opposite and send emails without stopping excess and overload its communication on the web to avoid tiring the user!

5- What brought you your site?

At the very beginning I did not here, I was on a blog, I enrolled in many galleries and online directories, the advantage is that it had been the buzz on your site because when your link is copied, it is referencing. I did three shows with Myspace. I sold some paintings through Facebook. IT must have a site, and in parallel to the buzz that is caused by registering on social networks, virtual galleries, directories, portals . To me, multiply these free registrations. For example, if you type in Google “contemporary painter” I come to the third page, the better I ‘m on the first page if you type “contemporary French painter” or “contemporary figurative painter”