In April 2010 Magazine Magazine platform offers me to present and talk about my work.
Here is the short interview that accompanied the presentation of some of my paintings.
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1 – Describe your world

I would go through my images attractive things which at first sight are not.
All those that some love and others hate as much. This is exactly what fascinates me.
The fact that our eyes do not reflect all of us the same vision of the world of things and people.
This theme come quite the obsession I have for the body, all these deviations, distortions, defects or disproportions fascinates me.
The colors are bright, the interior warm and welcoming but the “malaise” of the characters is strongly present. I’m doing everyday life, foibles and habits of people as well as the absurdity of certain situations sometimes my main source of inspiration.

2 – What is your technique work?

My images are created from a mixture of collage, ink and paint.
When I have an idea of ​​tables I’m having a sort of “casting”, I choose in my pile of sketches of the characters that best stick to the topic. (I’m pretty nearly 1,000 pages of sketches per year)
Once the painful choices that I draw the scenery, I chose the costumes, materials and color schemes as a filmmaker or designer could do.
Collage technique is that which suits me best. I discovered it while I was at college and I have never ceased to do so. It allows me some flexibility in the design of my “staged.”
Acrylic also suits me because it is a medium that dries quickly and can be very quickly affix what you want over and inks, they, allow me to expand my color range.

3 – Do you have plans?

I just finished two exhibitions: “30 paintings for 30 years Fnac Forum” and exposures Espora gallery in Madrid. I prepare for the next one back and I’m trying to place an order for four very large size which is a first for me (1.60 to 1.20 meters).
And then a little later I will present my work at the FNAC.