Original French title : Les stars sont des gens ordinaires: Alice

Date: 2011, September
Format: 81 x 116 cm
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Alice in Wonderland in her kitchen

In 2003 I was invited to participate in the 30th anniversary of the Fnac Forum des Halles and on this occasion I made 30 portraits of 30 famous personalities wearing the vest employees of the sign. In 2011 I wanted to rework a few of the character as well as other celebrities, but this time in their lives.
But what can they do the stars once they have returned home, away from the spotlight?

What child has not been fascinated by the story of this girl who happens awesome adventure? I like the idea of having stopped racing a rabbit all day, the evening came, when she returned home that does absolutely not bother to cook (another) rabbit with mushroom!

Here are some sketches

Sketches croquis-3.jpgSketches croquis-4.jpgSketches croquis-5.jpgSketches croquis-2.jpgSketches croquis-1.jpg

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