Date: 2012,February
Format: 116 x 81 cm
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I watch religiously every year , the Miss France on TV for almost forever. For ten years now has created a small gap between my grandmother and me: We note and each of our next evaluate our favorites on a sheet of paper. We call every 15 minutes throughout the evening. Each gives the other his impressions and critics hoping that the final choice will be crowned our Miss .

While all of these girls do not have enough forms for my taste that I like about this “ceremony” is the fact of caster , choose, select, compare what generates , of course , jealousy and complex , one of my favorite themes . Myself when I decided to make a new table I organize a kind of cast I selected twenty candidates, thirty sometimes from my pile of pages of sketches.

I alignment , while the ground next to one another and the top of my couch I try , at best as a director dealing with actors , view those who correspond most closely to what I ‘ I imagined .

Here are some sketches

Sketches croquis-2.jpgSketches croquis-1.jpg

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