Original French title : Une culotte chaque jour de la semaine: Lundi, je positive!

Date: 2009, October
Format: 120 x 80 cm
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Earlier this week after sitting the weekend there are 2 categories of people adopting a different attitude to each other.
There are those who are full of good intentions ready to travel the world, they start a diet, stop smoking, or can even promise not raller. And there are those who have some sort of anxiety ball grafted to their souls, that melancholy that provides a permanent and relentless need of comfort.
For them on Monday the same taste another day of the week.
It is this feeling of “malaise” that I try to recreate, in general, through my characters.
This woman positive donuts as others but only for the small time she swallows this box colored sweets.

On the same theme:

Here are some sketches

Sketches croquis-1.jpgSketches croquis-2.jpgSketches croquis-3.jpg

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