Original French title : Poule enneigée

Date: 2015, October
Format: 65 x 54 cm
Category: ,

I had already created a similar work in 2002 that represents a red horse in snow (below)
I wanted to create a new visual repeating the same color codes
I created this painting to the contemporary art fair “Affordable Art Fair” that was held in London from 22 to 25 October 2015.
Then this painting is part at the fair of the same name in Asia in Singapore in November 2015 and this is low it has found a new owner.
This is the Be & Art gallery that represented me on both fair

Here are some sketches

Sketches croquis-2.jpgSketches croquis-1.jpg

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Nouvelle peinture: Poule enneigée (65 x 54 cm)Plus d'infos: http://www.jeremiebaldocchi.fr/peintre/?p=1508

Posté par Jérémie Baldocchi sur samedi 6 février 2016