Date: 2017, January
Format: 116 x 81 cm
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Friends very dear to my hearts, Paco and Guillaume, asked me to carry out their wedding invitation.
This I accepted with great pleasure. I did not suspect that the exercise was so complicated. It was necessary to represent the 2 lovers simply without falling into the cliches of the announcement that one is accustomed to see. It was necessary to remain simple and in the same step that it made class enough for a marriage.

I also did not know how to dress them, how to position them and especially in which universe.
And after much reflection I had the idea of the circus since they are both in the middle of the show.
Paco was going to be Mr. Muscle and Guillaume in acrobat.

Here are some sketches

Sketches mariage-1.jpgSketches mariage-2.jpgSketches mariage-4.jpgSketches mariage-3.jpg

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