Publication of an article about my work on a Chinese site following my participation in the Fair Art Fair 2012 Taipei Taiwan – See more details about this exhibition here

Lee Sun -Don noticed and was attracted by the exhibition of paintings of outsider artist Jérémie Baldocchi to contemporary art ” Taipei Art Fair 2012 ” exhibition artists
This artist has been selected by the organizers of the fair Taipei International Art Fair 2012, is a French contemporary artist exhibiting his paintings in bright colors , you will notice the amount of imbalance and abnormal character , which makes this work very attractive .

Jeremie Baldocchi Born in 1975 in Paris , France .
This young artist is in his early thirties . He quickly lost interest in school studying to join the painting.
In many tables Baldocchi , you can see that there are head or face, the body is in the middle of painting patterns and colors are colorful, which does not look like all the artists in the world . It does not have the same vision. Misappropriation, misrepresentation, the imbalance of the body are very fascinating .
The colors of the paintings Baldocchi are bright, enthusiastic and warm. The main source of inspiration is often Baldocchi daily life and habits of the people.

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好的藝術作品需要有人能夠欣賞或收藏。 喜歡的話請按”讚”,也可以轉分享。
2012台北新藝術博覽會由李善單眾位國內外藝術家參展中突然看到一張畫很吸引目光… jeremie baldocchi


jeremie baldocchi生於1975年在法國巴黎。
baldocchi是一個只有30多歲的年輕藝術家。 他很快就失去了在學校的讀書的興趣,進而投身繪畫。
baldocchi畫的顏色是活潑,熱情,溫暖的, 有時,baldocchi的靈感的主要來源來自日常生活、人們的狂熱和習慣。

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