Interview Jeremie Baldocchi

Jeremie Baldocchi is a young artist just 30 years. He soon lost interest in school to devote himself to drawing. Featuring a private school at 16, he perfected his graphics… Today, he exhibited his paintings with curious characters, disproportionate and fascinating. This artist has kindly answer these questions:

1- When you look at your paintings, we see first of all the colors before the forms. It feels caught in a colorful world, tinted world. Do you have the color to bring more meaning to the table that forms

Although the colors are very important forms of my characters are, they obviously essential to my images. Some would say that just the bright colors I use to better accept the “morbid” side of my characters. It may not be more wrong I think they serve me put these tortured body values.
And on reflection I think I try to show that whatever the color of the society around us “evil being that is in us” exists and persists at all costs .

2- Your characters have no head, no face. One might think they have no identity. Will he have the desire to go beyond the singularity, that is to say, the desire to make timeless body, almost indefinite

The human being, throughout his life, trying as best he can to keep things they think they have acquired. Some people try to perpetuate their young bodies, others even dream of eternal life. I think an artist, more than any other, has the desire to exist and survive.
My characters are like us, they are not timeless but instead they are trapped in a space-time. They are stuck in this tiny slice of life in the same way as a photograph. Obviously consecration for me is to continue my images so that they become eternal and thus timeless but that, only time will decide…

3- You seem to be attracted to women. The roundness of the characters reflected. You said in an interview that you would have liked you disguise (…)
Then the painting is in your eyes a change of identity

Small precision I spoke as a child disguises and thus disguise. It is true that I would like to be a woman but I feel very good as a boy and nothing in the world I would not change.
By cons I am fascinated by transvestites both men and women is the fact of change of identity that I like the fact change its external image like that one is the Procedure.
I’m actually attracted to anything which is rounded to proof my home I have no straight wall. Failure to represent almost only women is a way to live through them, like a child telling stories with his toys.

4- The body is at the heart of your paintings. This seems to be the main theme. The body design is subjective, expressive: Can we speak of a philosophy of art in your body?

I will always remember one of the many remarks Francis, the teacher to whom I owe so much. In a collective presentation of tables on a given theme I try to explain what I figured, what I wanted to tell.
After having listened to me long it makes me realize that we do not need all these elements and symbols in the image. There is no need either to add some humor to give strength or even a sense of the visual that my style is already steeped in character, my characters speak for themselves.
Since these words are echoed in my head. The body is therefore just unveiled by adding the least possible artifice.

5- Women are very present in your paintings. This is reminiscent of the video “My territory” group Grand Popo Football Club. Can you confirm this analogy

I do not know anything about this video before you do talk to me. It depicts, in a playful way, the “ends” of woman’s body, legs, mouths, breasts, which seem to live for themselves. The video is really good, it is mostly very crazy.
Clip differently , my body are represented in full. Although the heads are not physically represented but are strongly represented.
Men also are present, either in the next room or in the heads of these women that seem to be quite alone.

6- You said in an interview that The corset, among other things, is used for this, beyond the fact that it is a typically feminine thing (to my regret)
But today, some men wear corsets. Would you dare to be a feminized male

In fact I think the corset is a beautiful fixture to fool people’s eyes. I find that women are very lucky, although for full parity between the sexes I ‘m not convinced that some objects, clothing or “social codes” can adapt to everyone.
We find in my paintings three types of gender, women , men and transvestites. But even if my body is not disproportionate men are feminized.

7- You paint disproportionate forms.
Y he has a desire to sublime, grandiose and exaggeration of yourself in your paintings

When I was a teenager I loved the look on me, I like being the center of the “world” but time well spent and I left my place to showcase my art. That’s all that matters now.
I’m not trying at all to me before in my paintings, not far away. I regularly self-portraits but nothing more is just to show others what vision I have of myself.

8- Your inspiration it comes only from your personal experience? Apparently, once you suffer from a weight problem. You lost 40kg in 2 months. Such speed may change beyond recognition the image of his own body and the report that it maintains.
Art is , for some artists , a projection of themselves , a kind of therapy.
But are you inspired by something other than yourself

Warning do not mix all, I think my attraction to deformed and dismembered body started following my weight loss there is to it fifteen years. Indeed having changed body in just two months I was deeply affected. My goal is not to perpetually, directed this story. I’m thinking, as you said, a kind of “therapy”.
I am inspired by many things, most of which feed my inspiration. Some by surprise against, do not there such as my taste for religious images and articles or my collections of wands and those pictures of pigeons crushed.
My life does not look like all his scenes, I just put things and colors that I like.

9- In an audio interview , you said ” be fat but want to look slim socially”.
slimming and wider appearance is a major concern for people. Are there a clearance of yourself in your paint that could be likened to a fantasy of social integration

The least we can say is that my painting is not very socially integrated. I’m not either a very sociable. My vision of the world, there is less than 10 years, was still idyllic.
The sky was pink, there were ponies arc en ciel and magical flowers. I realize, as time goes by, it was only an illusion, as if the layers of kindness, generosity and beauty, being painted on the dirt, flaking quickly.

10- In a way, that you stage is ugly as exaggerated. It is a bit like Jerome Bosh. The shapes do not have this aesthetic that is generally attributed to art.
Do you think the painting should go beyond the concept of beauty? What is the “good” for you

This is a question, my time, very interesting, but unfortunately I do not have an answer. Beauty is so subjective. Each of us has such a different vision specific to each.
Some will be attracted to a certain type of shapes or shades of colors that others will hate it. This is exactly what fascinates me that the world around us is not reflected in the same way in all of us. I have to wonder, so, you see how my painting? Do you see the same thing as me?

11- How would you describe your art: Naive? Surreal? Pop art? Avant-garde?

At one time I was fascinated by the current “Bauhaus”. I found it incredible that a school alone can cause a current that would revolutionize a lot of artistic principles.
Each of the currents through the generations, brought something new. The more “futuristic”, perhaps, at the time were the Dadaist and Surrealist currents. I never really managed to position my work in any class. But I did not invent anything! Let time do things…

Interview by Berengere B
in August 2010