Jeremie Baldocchi exhibited at the Fnac Forum des Halles

Jeremie is a rising figure in the painting. It offers us his original creations for a temporary exhibition at the evocative title : “Heaven is on Earth”

“The colors, a simple blue, soft pink, violet and intoxicating imagination is there.
This child looking archly the most simple and innocuous scenes to give us color to get us out of neutral imagination.

The characters are fleshy and generous opulence that rocks us like a hand rassurante.Les every detail of his paintings are all magic and nothing is left to a hasard.Jetez oeuil the bottom, on the sides and you will live also here he saw this time he lived.

It takes us in his wonderful gardens, the kitchen of his aunt at Christmas Eve dinner, always with excitement, always with modesty, even when bodies are naked, the soul remains full, rich and strong.
Like candy, we would like to keep his paintings in the mouth, the taste longer.

Then a Council, away, close your eyes for a moment, as it is called a fairy, or to pray a star, colors and characters will return forms on their knees knock and paunchy bellies, be born a story: Yours”

Aude Réant