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Open House
Collective exhibition: artists open the doors of their workshop

An artistic journey through the neighborhoods of Paris , each artist opens the doors of his workshop to show, and for those who want to buy them, even selling their own creations. Each neighborhood has its own way , organized by artists who live and at different times of the year.
In November, they opened their doors to creative Montmartre and Fashion News Magazine came to tell you about it.
Founded in 1995, the Antwerp Association For Abbesses now comprises over a hundred artists , between the eighteenth and the ninth arrondissement. Its objective is to promote the arts in the neighborhoods , especially that of Montmartre, which is part of , and promote contact between artists and the public.
Once a year , the Anevrs For three days Abbesses organizes Open House every third weekend of November. More than seventy places of creation , workshops , shops welcome visitors in extreme environmental friendliness .
In this original initiative , the association presented its Emile aims: a ” Emile ” is , in fact, a small work made ​​especially for the occasion. These “little ” creations are presented at the meeting point , and reception of Open Doors, which begins the artistic route , and are offered for sale for the price of 100 € .
Extremely interesting initiative , devoid of deja vu , which invites you to discover a new art , creativity and historic districts of Paris .
If you are planning a romantic weekend in Paris , you should consult guides, and do not miss this wonderful experience !

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