Marine Delavigne Questionnaire

1) A few words about your educational background? (Training, release date…)
I never really liked school, although I’ve met some great people that I care for some, always contact them.
Second, at the age of 16, I put an end to the traditional school education barely two months after the returned classes. I enrolled myself in an art school in Paris, the same school where I took evening classes for a year.
I studied for 3 years surrounded by great teachers and especially the very talented students that was a great engine and a great motivator. This allowed me to challenge myself and move forward quickly.
Following this training, while throwing me into the workforce, I took classes at the Fine Art Atelier in Paris as well as sketching classes living in Paris ADAC models.

2) On your debut in the professional world
Once out of school, it is not obvious because it is automatically formatted by the teachers which is not always the same thing once on the ground.
I worked for the press entant illustrator (I had a nickname)
And then in 1999 I had the opportunity to present my work to the Communications Manager Fnac Forum des Halles (Paris) who asked me to do my first show.

3) Have you ever for an artistic career?
A trigger

Little I wanted to be a chef, then it very quickly evolved to a photographer and later to painting.
There really is no trigger.
Having grew up in an artistic family (my grandparents and my uncle) to definitely influenced my development but I am convinced that one is born with or without artistic talent, it feels very fast. In my case it seemed to be obvious, it flowed naturally.

4) How your career she started? (A work in particular, a meeting , an exhibition…)
I do not really have a start date or careers events in particular that made me started.
Things are made of wire needle. I actually exposed to FNAC for 3 or 4 years before a gallery do contact (Gallery La Hune Brenner)
Then after some time it’s a gallery in Madrid , Spain which has proposed me to expose (Gallery Espora)
And exhibitions and exhibition interests are chained , it is now 13 years old.

5) What are you most proud of?
Undoubtedly when I won the first prize of Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art of Florida (MFA)
In general, the main thing for me is to expose and make known my art. So I was surprised when the head of the organization told me that I was the winner, because I do not even know that I described in a competition.
Recognition for an artist is the greatest wealth.

6) Are you able to live from your art?
If yes, how long

If not , do you have a sideline? Which one?
I do not fully living my art. At the same time I am a graphic designer, a second job I also exerts Freelance.
Although it remains to be different creative.
To perform two activities and windfalls to his account, it takes discipline.
The hardest for me is how to measure the workload so that my second activity does not interfere with my painting and artistic creation.

7) How would you define your style?
This is a question that asked me a lot of problems and I always ask . I entant qualifies as Painter and Contemporary Figurative but then I can not say how my current artistic works fall .
I have many influences such as Lucian Freud, Valerio Adami, Mark Ryden, Voutch, Ray Caesar, Leigh Bowery, Pierre et Gilles, Botero… etc…

8) A few words about your schedule (creation and commercial side aspect…)?
How do you manage your career

The bulk of my work is administrative procedures, canvassing cleared of art professionals, the application files, the press, the web, etc….
So this requires a large organization, a huge calendar with one page per day and lists tons of lists…
I am lucky enough to only need 5 hours of sleep, so I get up early in the morning around 6:30/7am and I up late, around 1/2 hours.
I take most of the time my meals at the computer which allows me to move on my administration.

9) Exhibitions, publications coming
Yes I participate in an auction to benefit the fight against AIDS in New York from January 25 to 28.
Then a show is scheduled for April in a Parisian gallery.
All information on past , present and future exhibitions on my website.