Marine Delavigne – 2013, January

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Marine Delavigne Questionnaire 1) A few words about your educational background? (Training, release date…) I never really liked school, although I’ve met some great people that I care for some, always contact them. Second, at the age of 16, I put an end to the traditional school education barely two months after the returned classes. I enrolled myself in an art school in Paris, the same school where I took evening classes for a year. I studied for 3 years surrounded by great teachers and especially the very talented students that...

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Plateforme Magazine – 2013, July

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In July 2013 Magazine Magazine platform offers me for the second time to talk about my work. Here is the short interview that accompanied the presentation of some of my paintings. View website Platform Magazine 1- Describe your world I would go through my images attractive things which at first sight are not. All those that some love and others hate as much. This is exactly what fascinates me. The fact that our eyes do not reflect all of us the same vision of the world of things and people. This theme come quite the obsession I have for the...

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