In April 2006 Neyrelle journalist, contacted me to answer some questions for the “Vive les Rondes” (Long Live the Round) website

Aged just 30 years, the painter Jeremiah Baldocchi has a rich background of meaning behind it. Losing interest early studies, he joined a private art school that enabled him to perfect his graphics in gestation to 16 years. This artist book us now joyfully colorful paintings featuring of tender or humorous way of animals oversized body, but also and especially curious characters, the fleshy body, even overflowing flesh, but the head is missing …

Jeremie, with good humor and kindness, has agreed to answer my questions.

1 – I discovered your work through random, last December, to the exposed area of the FNAC des Halles in Paris. I entered first attracted by the bright colors of your compositions and subjects caught my attention. Your pets, first, that made ​​me think a little work Rosina Wachmeister to the side to both static and cute, their good boiled have caught my eye … Is it an influence which thou advertisements, or not at all?

I like the work of Rosina Wachmeister but is a little static and repetitive.
By cons I have a lot of influence: Adami, Bacon, Mark Ryden, Jenny Saville, Botero, Voutch and many others.
The animals were created during my first expos because I did not have enough work to present and then now it amuses me and especially the scenes set in situations that are completely incongruous.
For the moment my Noah’s Ark is about more than cats to elephants and horses. I expect the other but they are not currently a priority.

2 – The characters, then the body so opulent …
Why this choice of curves?

I’ve always been attracted by the extreme, do not “love” but “love” things “immense” and not “just great.”
At first I drew a lot of extremely skinny characters then they started to grow contrary to me, in fact, I lost in the space of two months, 40kgs, following a dental operation rather heavy. Jaw locked, I can feed myself liquid for a certain time.
I am a former big …. Finally, apparently because nothing has really changed in my head.
Most of my characters have taken curves. These curves that I no longer physically but morally. It’s more like I see them.

3 – Why do your characters have they ever head?

That is obviously the question that everyone asks me.
If you look at it is, it is certainly not physically represented, but it is formed in your mind, so it’s his turn to cast it that you want to see, a relative, a smiling person sad, blonde or brunette, it gives a kind of interactivity from the image.
And if I detailed a little issue I think we can feel an expression by the body. It is, after all, three-quarters of our being and yet most of the time we refer to us or we summarize other than the head.

4 – Are you talking about yourself in your paintings?
These round characters you represent?

At one time I pictured in some of my pictures and I différenciais with a small hidden star … Now I regularly self-portraits is simple.
One day a friend made me noticed that I usually represents parts with very thin body and other very large as if I could not choose a camp.
And I may surprise you but some of the women in my universe fit the image I have of the woman if I had to be.

5 – The scenes, thou hast experienced?

Yes, indeed, many images are taken from life scenes. I eat all the little details of life such as the table “And that’s bonus …”. There are some times I did liposuction and on the eve of the operation, the surgeon kneeling currently tracing my body areas to track me draw a large circle at the hips and said ” And that’s bonus. “He did not realize but he had to give me the name of a next table.

6 – Putting these personal experiences on canvas is there a kind of therapy? On exorcism on a difficult period of your life?

All art is therapeutic is obvious. My goal is not to exorcise my sufferings, the nothingness of my love life or my physical complex but to tell stories.
To me a picture is successful if it is such a sweet color and sweet, so it’s nice and smile …

7 – Where are you now in your relationship with your own body?

I play indoor sports as a ritual, five times a week with 1 hour of cardio each session. And if I do not go I do not feel well. This is, I think, that it is a cure for weight gain. This allows me to be free and to eat as I want.
But it is clear he never erase the problem I have with my body, sport allows me to deal with. I’m learning, little by little, to tame it a little more.

8 – On some of your paintings, women represented are cramped in tight corsets … Aesthetic fetishist personal taste? Fantastic representation of femininity with a capital “F”? Or just a fad?

I am greatly attracted by the visual aesthetic side of the SM universe, I would still say that I do not practice.
I also like the idea of ​​hiding its excrescences of flesh in his clothes without it sees and therefore does not appear that it really is.
The corset, among other things, used to this, beyond the fact that it is a typically feminine thing (to my chagrin).
I just tend to draw a lot of women in my pictures as they are, on the one hand, more visually interesting and, secondly, their universe attracts me and I feel, in general, closer to them .

9 – Is it possible that one day you will come to get back in tune with your own image, that is, you feel in your thin thin body, and then we will see in your paintings thin characters, as you the currently are?

It is not at all obviously be “in tune” with oneself, in my case I do not think one day reach this degree.
As I’ve already said I do not draw that big, I also like anorexiquement lean body. One day I heard that it could turn into a bulimic anorexic state, it seems unthinkable and at the same time it fascinates me because I find it amazing that we can find satisfaction in having as little as possible in the belly.
10 – What image are you, you, the people round?
And what image do you give through your work?

I have always been attracted and surrounded by round people, I have a feeling of understanding to live “like them” is like telling them, “I’m just like you! “But in a different body in appearance.
I love through my images show that the folds and curves can be beautiful and pleasing. But if you look further, the fat or thin characters in my paintings are never really completely.

11 – You have a permanent exhibition at the Galerie La Hune – Brenner, a website. You, in your active, many past exhibitions and in anticipation … You come almost to live your work, which is not given to all artists, especially at your age … What is, as an artist, the goal you set yourself? An unattainable dream? An achievement that will tell you after that, anything can stop?

When one wants to live his passion comes at a price, that’s fed a lot of work motivation. It’s very hard to be your own boss, it is quickly snapped up by the daily and social life. This is why I set fairly strict rules. I get up every morning, for example, at 6 o’clock, I give dates, spots on the weekly and monthly goals as well as the year.
Regarding my unattainable dream, it would surely be that of any artist I think:
Make his painting immortal work.
And the thing that would tell me that it all can stop might be the satisfaction of knowing, because like most artists, I am perpetually dissatisfied and, fortunately in a sense, because it’s what I advances.
I stop when I am fully satisfied with a job and I can not do better, which is not the case at the moment and it is not at all relevant.

12 – And as a man?

This is a very interesting question
As a man that is somewhat similar. In my opinion you should never give a final maturity and therefore always have dreams, whatever their age.
We may have obtained the social, emotional and professional success is not why we have necessarily all the elements to be happy.
Human beings are naturally curious and perpetually thirst for novelty.
The feeling of having accomplished his life would perhaps have experienced everything seen everything, heard, felt everything, which is impossible! And even if it was I do not like because I constantly need to discover the unknown, browse Kms looking country that seems to be inaccessible and Found: The land of dreams