Antoine Magyar for Cocy

Date: 2017, March   Category: | |

In March 2017 I’m contacted by Antoine Magyar of the site and I answer a few questions. See the interview on the website Cocy Interview in French...

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Be’Art Magazine

Date: 2016, June   Category: |

In June 2016 during Doors Open my workshop I am contacted by Be’Art Magazine and I answered some questions. See the interview on the website Be Art Magazine Interview in French...

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Website Miami Accueil

Date: 2014, August   Category: |

The interview I did for the site Be & Art in May 2014 has been published on the website Home Miami See the post here See the website Miami Accueil See this interview on the website of Be & Art ...

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Be & Art – May 2014

Date: 2014, May   Category: | |

Interview for the website Be & Art Interview date: May 2014 Jérémie Baldocchi, you are a young French emerging painter. Can you tell me why you decide to become a painter? I think I always wanted to do an art trade, small I wanted to be a photographer and I quickly turned to painting. I have always been surrounded by my grandfather did the ironwork, my grandmother painted. I modeled from a very young age my uncle, I wanted to be an artist like him. I do not really know how to explain why I chose this profession, surely want to convey...

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Ben & Joss – March 2014

Date: 2014, March   Category: | |

In March 2014 Laurie and Zacharie site Ben & Joss contact me to talk about my work on their site. I answered a few questions. 1- What is your background? I never really liked school , college, I spent my time making others laugh students and teachers as well. I was popular for my jokes and my outfits for the quality of my transcript . I did not really understand what it was for me to study when what I wanted to do later is an artistic profession . So I stopped my studies very early since no sooner crossed the doors of the school as soon...

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Berangere Beuchet – Tourbouillon In the news – 2010, July

Date: 2010, July   Category: |

In July 2010 Berengaria, a brilliant student of Journalism contacted me to talk about my work appreciate it. Interview with Jeremie Baldocchi Jeremie Baldocchi is a young artist just 35 years. He soon lost interest in school to devote himself to drawing. Featuring a private school at 16, he perfected his graphics … Today, he exhibited his paintings with curious characters, disproportionate and fascinating. This artist has kindly answer these questions: Interview by bérangère.b 1 – When you look at your paintings, we see first of...

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Neyrelle – Vive les Rondes – 2006, April

Date: 2006, April   Category: |

In April 2006 Neyrelle journalist, contacted me to answer some questions for the “Vive les Rondes” (Long Live the Round) website Aged just 30 years, the painter Jeremiah Baldocchi has a rich background of meaning behind it. Losing interest early studies, he joined a private art school that enabled him to perfect his graphics in gestation to 16 years. This artist book us now joyfully colorful paintings featuring of tender or humorous way of animals oversized body, but also and especially curious characters, the fleshy body, even...

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