In July 2013 Magazine Magazine platform offers me for the second time to talk about my work.
Here is the short interview that accompanied the presentation of some of my paintings.
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1- Describe your world
I would go through my images attractive things which at first sight are not.
All those that some love and others hate as much. This is exactly what fascinates me.
The fact that our eyes do not reflect all of us the same vision of the world of things and people.
This theme come quite the obsession I have for the body, all these deviations, distortions, defects or disproportions fascinate me.
I like the fact that the butcher packs his piece of meat, dripping with blood and full of fat in a pretty paper, usually in shades of pink. One way to make “appetizing”, which at first sight is not. This is some kind that I try to recreate in my pictures:
The colors are bright, the interior warm and welcoming but the “malaise” of the characters is strongly present.

2- What are your sources of inspiration?

I love everyday situations, the foibles and habits of people and sometimes the absurdity of some scenes of life. Otherwise I ‘m influenced by artists such as: Voutch, Francis Bacon, Mark Ryden, Adami, Lucian Freud, Jean Rustin, Ray Caesar, Dan Voinea, Pierre et Gilles or Leigh Bowery .

3- Do you have projects?

I just finished two exhibitions: one at Thuilliers gallery in Paris and the second in the Riou gallery in Lyon in June then I set a work of contemporary art museum in Rochester, NY and I prepare open my workshop under the open artist studios of the Goutte d’Or doors (in the 18th arrondissement of Paris) .
I am also preparing a biennial Paris in September