Original French title : Recevoir un cadeau dont on ne s'attend pas

Date: 2012, January
Format: 81 x 60 cm
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I worked for the first time this subject in 2007 for the book “Small pleasures and little hassle.”
This small pleasures can obviously be transformed into little problems like all gifts that we receive, if we like it is a pleasure and if that does not suit us it can quickly turn into a nightmare.
We’ve all experienced this, we thank them from the corner of the lips, a tight smile, wondering which site is going to be able to resell … Do not say that it is the thought that counts? … But still the vision of a dolphin on her ceramic fireplace all day counts too!

This painting was created in the first 20 x 14 cm for the “Word 2012 Sketchbook”

Here are some sketches

Sketches croquis-1.jpg

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