Original French title : Une culotte chaque jour de la semaine: Samedi, un petit diner entre amis

Date: 2010, October
Format: 80 x 120 cm
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I wanted in this series there is a table in orange tones, so it’s natural that I decided to make a kitchen.
In fact I’ve known my whole childhood kitchens orange and part of my adolescence. Regarding the burnt dishes I love it, finally a graphic point of view quite sure! …
I like the fact that people apply to cook by putting all his heart and that too for a few minutes in the oven the dish is missed! that’s broken a few things while doing the dishes but just after 10 minutes scouring the …

I already addressed this issue in 2006 in the table “lemon meringue pie, Test No. 2″ for the book Body and Soul.

On the same theme:

Here are some sketches

Sketches croquis-1.jpgSketches croquis-2.jpgSketches croquis-3.jpg

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