In March 2014 Laurie and Zacharie site Ben & Joss contact me to talk about my work on their site.
I answered a few questions.

1- What is your background?
I never really liked school , college, I spent my time making others laugh students and teachers as well. I was popular for my jokes and my outfits for the quality of my transcript . I did not really understand what it was for me to study when what I wanted to do later is an artistic profession . So I stopped my studies very early since no sooner crossed the doors of the school as soon , after three months , I finally left to go to an art school in evening classes during the rest of the year. And later to full time for 3 years.
Later I attended classes at the ADDAC and during the evening of Fine Arts in the city of Paris .
On leaving school I worked for a few magazines, DEPLUS this experience , I am very quickly wanted to show my work to the public.
So I jumped at the chance when in 2000 the head of communications of the Fnac Forum des Halles ( in Paris ) propose to exhibit in the store.
It was a long series of exhibitions starting point . I remained faithful to the Fnac by exhibiting annually for 10 years.

2- What are your inspirations?
My inspirations are based on the daily habits and small people.
I would also like to succeed in fixing the sense of despair that breeds in each of us, the part of us who are missing, insatiably, something, that part of us that is never happy, even if all the ingredients together, the total happiness is not at the rendezvous. It is this melancholy that interests me and I would like to represent visually.
From an artistic point of view many painters and illustrators are role models for me: Voutch, Botero, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Valerio Adami, Jean Rustin …
I am also a keen photographer who is one of my greatest source of inspiration.

3- What was your trigger?
I always wanted to do an artistic job, my grandfather made ​​the ironwork of art, my grandmother also painted model dice and taking my young age my uncle, I wanted to be an artist like him.
I think when something actually is desired, it ends by forcing happen, because consciously or unconsciously we make every effort to do so.
So if I had a click is very small, I was a child.

4- If you had to throw yourself in 10 years…?
I wish the most expensive, as anyone making the creation, is that my work is recognized not only professionals but also the general public.
I am aware that my painting is unusual, this “non-representation” of the head is a struggle every day, but I believe and would beat me to the end.
So in 10 years the ideal would be to pledge the eyes of a greater number of people.

5- What is art for you? How would you describe the relationship you have with your art?
The art encompasses many things. For me everything is “art”, that is also why I do my “photo of the day” (I take one photo a day of what is happening in my life since 2003) His weekly shots also serve to reveal to me people that everything can be beautiful and artistic: a sign, a piece of bitumen, a meal, a pigeon crashed …
I think that art does not exist as such it is just the interpretation of what is projected in our head, which is why a person before the same object or the same scenes will be moved and another not.
My relationship with my work is confrontational, as soon as I finish a work I no longer love her, as I explained, I can not accurately represent what I have in my head.

6- A life without creation, is it possible? What would that look like?
A life without creation resemble the life of a medical secretary. We get up, we start work at 8am, then to 13h was a lunch break to finish at 17h, 19h the meal is prepared, sets around 23h. That’s life for many people in firms. It’s very boring but it’s so simple because everything is compartmentalized and there is room for a few breaks.
A creative life, finally MY life creation is up at 7am and work until 1am or 2am with my meal breaks working in the workshop or at the computer, with rare breaks
The final 10 times more working when no boss, because everything must be done: manage, solicit, create, display etc. ….

7- Creative night: what it inspires you?
When I was younger we meet with friends from school, we made murals of “exquisite corpses” and sometimes we happened to go over the rooftops of Paris to draw on the chimney, it could then speak of “nights” C-reactive. ”
Later and until now, sometimes I create and paint late at night, sometimes until dawn.
Apart from that “creative night” does not inspire me more than that.

8- What is the next step in your artistic career? (Expo planned project …)
I am participating this time a big fair in Brussels (Affordable Art Fair), then it is expected that I exhibited at Art Palm Spring, another contemporary art fair in California (USA) and parallel I expose a canvas throughout the month at the gallery in Paris Thuillier.
Over the coming months I will participate in two group exhibitions at the gallery from Vert Galant and gallery Nesle, all in Paris 2.
In June, I open my studio to the public for what I used to do once a year during a weekend.
Otherwise an artistic point of view I want to change, I proposed to change subjects and explore new perspective.

See my artist page on their site