Website Miami Accueil

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The interview I did for the site Be & Art in May 2014 has been published on the website Home Miami See the post here See the website Miami Accueil See this interview on the website of Be & Art ...

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Be & Art – May 2014

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Interview for the website Be & Art Interview date: May 2014 Jérémie Baldocchi, you are a young French emerging painter. Can you tell me why you decide to become a painter? I think I always wanted to do an art trade, small I wanted to be a photographer and I quickly turned to painting. I have always been surrounded by my grandfather did the ironwork, my grandmother painted. I modeled from a very young age my uncle, I wanted to be an artist like him. I do not really know how to explain why I chose this profession, surely want to convey...

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Ben & Joss – March 2014

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In March 2014 Laurie and Zacharie site Ben & Joss contact me to talk about my work on their site. I answered a few questions. 1- What is your background? I never really liked school , college, I spent my time making others laugh students and teachers as well. I was popular for my jokes and my outfits for the quality of my transcript . I did not really understand what it was for me to study when what I wanted to do later is an artistic profession . So I stopped my studies very early since no sooner crossed the doors of the school as soon...

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Artfabetic – 2014, Janary

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Artfabetic Biographical Dictionary of visual artists from France Can you describe your evolution and / or your artistic process ? The subjects of my paintings have always turned around everyday life, foibles of people and domestic dwellings. I am very attracted to the melancholy , the ” malaise ” being empty inside , have in theory all the ingredients to be happy and yet it is impossible, something made dam. Like a tree that will be eaten by bacteria from the inside. Inspiration is always a worry because it is not always there...

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